The ORCI - Organics Recovery
Composite Index

Market Price Trends for the Organics Recovery Industry

The ORCI - Organics Recovery
Composite Index

The Organics Recovery Composite Index tracks the changing market prices in the Organics Recovery industry. The Index consists of a weighted basket of eight (8) benchmark grades of Organics Recovery.

Benchmark Grades
  1. Bulk Compost
  2. Meat & Bone Cuttings
  3. Raw Bio Gas
  4. Sawdust
  5. Tallow
  6. Vegetable Wastes
  7. Wood Shreddings
  8. Yellow Grease

The ORCI - Organics RecoveryComposite Index is derived from current spot market prices originating from the Global Recycling Network (GRN). This source of data is proprietary in nature and may not reflect external markets trends.

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The ORCI - Organics Recovery Composite Index is a component of the The Resource Conservation Composite Index

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